Valerio Vadacchino
Valerio Vadacchino Head of Marketing Global e-City Enel X Rome, Italy


Valerio joined Enel in 2005, covering several roles within the Group.
Valerio joined the Business Development team of Infrastructure&Network Division as Senior PM to market smart metering and smart grids solution internationally.
Valerio coordinated marketing and sales working group to adapt and develop smart grids solution across Countries where Enel Group managed electricity networks (Europe and LatAm): technologies involved go from smart


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 12:31 17-11-2020 12:47 Europe/Madrid Electrification and Digitalization to Empower the Smart City Revolution

It is a paramount priority that cities will get ready for the raising challenges of urbanization and climate change, to reach the overall decarbonisation target and answer flexibly to the ever-changing needs of their citizens. This will require massive and collaborative efforts from the private and public sectors to leverage a common pool of opportunities. Enel X brings to the table half a century of experience in the energy sector and an open approach to innovation, to rethink energy as a key enabler of smart and sustainable city models. The electrification of public services, the digitalization of energy monitoring and consumption combined with cutting edge technological advances are the foundation of renewed and improved urban services. Innovative business models that leverage savings from energy efficiency and ‘as-a-service’ propositions are the engine of this transition.

Electrification and Digitalization to Empower the Smart City Revolution

#Clean Energy, #Climate Change, #Climate Emergency, #New Energy Models, #Storage
12:31h - 12:47h (GMT +2)
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