Simona Levi
Simona Levi Co-founder Xnet and15MpaRato Barcelona, Spain


Theatre director, technopolitical strategist and activist.
She directs the Degree in Technopolitics and Rights in the Digital Era at the University of Barcelona.
In 2017 Rolling Stone Magazine chose Simona Levi as one of the 25 people who are shaping the future for her work as foundress of the NGOs Xnet and 15mparato.


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The constant presence of the digital world in our daily lives have a bigger impact on society than we are aware of; it can even be part of civic actions such as protest movements. We are interviewing Ms. Simona Levi, who herself participated, at the 15-M movement from Barcelona. How can digital tools help citizens in this sense? What impact does the digital world in making governments accountable? And in politics in general? – SCEWC Digital Channel
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