Ryosuke Toura
Ryosuke Toura Executive General Manager of Shibuya Development Division Tokyu Corporation Tokyo, Japan


Ryosuke has been mainly working on urban development since he entered Tokyu Corporation in 1985. He has varieties of successful new business development such as "Next-generation suburban town development” with City of Yokohama. He led the general marketing, branding, promotion, and area management along the Tokyu line, and currently is the leader of Greater Shibuya Area urban regeneration projects.


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How will the future of cities be after COVID19? How will technological and behavioral changes drive new urban dynamics and change the way we live, work, move and interact in cities? Tokyu Corporation, one of the largest Real Estate and Transportation companies in Japan and key driver of transformation of iconic neighborhoods in Japan --including Shibuya—shares its perspective and views of how cities will adapt and change after COVID19. We will dive into the new trends and how they impact urban planning, transportation and city dynamics and explore what should be the priorities for urban planners and practitioners across the world as we move to a new urban reality.

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