Ricardo Vitorino

Head of Technical Communication | Ubiwhere Coimbra, Portugal
Ricardo Vitorino


Ricardo is Head of Technical Communication at Ubiwhere, where he helps Ubiwhere spread the concept of the Digital Nervous System and the technological vision. Previous to his current role, Ricardo has been managing Ubiwhere's software development team for Smart Cities to create innovative solutions that can improve our world's quality of life.



Enhancing Infrastructure To Enable Autonomous Mobility

Christoph Vollath
Christoph Vollath RACC Mobility Club Technical Director Moderator
Ricardo Vitorino
Ricardo Vitorino Ubiwhere Head of Technical Communication Speaker
André Perpey
André Perpey NeoGLS CEO Speaker
Coen Bresser
Coen Bresser ERTICO – ITS Europe Senior Manager Innovation & Deployment Speaker

#Autonomous Vehicles, #Connected Vehicles, #Future Mobility, #Intelligent Mobility, #Intelligent Transport Systems, #Smart Traffic, #Traffic Management, #Transport Infrastructure

08-11-2023 12:45 08-11-2023 13:30 Europe/Madrid Enhancing Infrastructure To Enable Autonomous Mobility

A first block will discuss the current state of urban road infrastructure and its readiness for CCAM and give examples of needs for enhancement. In a second block, the session will work out a possible roadmap of how to overcome such gaps with an emphasize on physical, digital and organisational infrastructure. Finally, the session will discuss challenges and barriers that cities are facing on their way to full CCAM.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility
Wed 8 12:45h - 13:30h Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility