Patrick Melia
Patrick Melia Chief Executive Sunderland City Council Sunderland , United Kingdom


Driven by a collective desire to underpin Sunderland’s digital progression with innovative change, Sunderland City Council’s Chief Executive Patrick Melia & BAI Communications’ CTO Brendan O’Reilly, continue to lead city-wide digital transformation with a unique public-private sector partnership.


Save to calendar 16-11-2022 14:30 16-11-2022 15:15 Europe/Madrid The Transformative Power Of 5G and Connectivity

As cities envision an accelerated connectivity and new models of organization, such as autonomous logistics and machines, real-time data analytics, robots and assisted work, among others, 5G implementation stands as an essential tool to make these projections a reality. It has the power of enabling the next era of smart cities, but where do cities stand with 5G? How many have successfully implemented it and what are the scenarios of using 5G in smart cities? What drawbacks can 5G bring and how can it improve citizens’ lives?

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