Michael Müller
Michael Müller Governing Mayor of Berlin & Metropolis President City of Berlin Berlin, Germany


2011-2014 Berlin Mayor and Senator for Urban Development and the Enviroment. Since December 2014 Governing Mayor of Berlin (2014 to 2016 Senator for Culture, since 2016 Senator for Higher Education and Research) 1 November 2017 to 31 October 2018 President of the Bundesrat. Since 2018 President of Metropolis


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 14:38 17-11-2020 15:09 Europe/Madrid The Global Voice of Cities

In times of crisis, peer-learning, knowledge exchange and community building become crucial for many cities to manage the pandemic at home. Notably, many cities are increasingly institutionalizing their engagement with local stakeholders as the basis for more inclusive decision-making that leaves no one behind. What role have city networks played here in catalyzing such actions? Why should local governments seek greater recognition in global and regional governance frameworks? During this session, we will discuss the role that city networks and collaboration have on the world stage, and we will explore how they can interfere and help to cope with global trends such as the pandemic, urban-rural migrating trends, gender disparity and climate change.

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