Mark Nieuwenhuijsen
Mark Nieuwenhuijsen Research Professor, Director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative, and Director of the Air pollution and Urban Environment Programme IS Global Barcelona, Spain


Mark J Nieuwenhuijsen PhD is a Research Professor and director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health initiative and the Air pollution and Urban Environment research program at ISGlobal Barcelona, Spain. He is a world leading expert in environmental exposure assessment, epidemiology, and health impact assessment with a strong focus and interest on healthy urban living. He has edited 6 books co-authored more than 500 scientific papers.


Save to calendar 16-11-2021 10:30 16-11-2021 12:00 Europe/Madrid Just Move – and Stay Healthy!

How can we increase active mobility in cities? We need a modal shift from private motorised vehicles to active mobility showing a decrease in noise and air pollution and increasing healthy city living. Walkability, cycling, governance and strategic planning play an essential role when it comes to boost active mobility in cities.

Congress Area – TMWC Room
Save to calendar 16-11-2021 17:05 16-11-2021 17:15 Europe/Madrid Cleaner Air, Healthier Citizens

Public health issues have been exacerbated after the Covid-19 pandemic as citizens became more aware about these aspects. Consequently, there will be a shift on city planning, prioritizing these issues; air quality, among them. This session will answer the question of what effects can poor air quality have on citizens?, and will present the Barcelona’s Superblocks and urban design in favour of public health, and its effects on the air we breathe, planning and mobility. – SCEWC Digital Channel
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