María Fernanda Espinosa
María Fernanda Espinosa Former President UN General Assembly Quito, Ecuador


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Maria Fernanda Espinosa is the Former President of UN General Assembly. On the importance of international cooperation of cities for achieving inclusive cities, we are asking Ms. Espinosa about promoting female empowerment and reducing gender and race inequalities, which have been exacerbated due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. However, climate change is also affecting minorities. How can cities and local communities best help these groups in their right? – SCEWC Digital Channel

Ensuring Gender Equality from Cities

Living & Inclusion #Cities for All, #Gender Gap, #Minorities
Tuesday, November 16 - 16:57h - 17:02h (GMT+)
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As the world becomes more interconnected, global dialogue and multilateral responses are crucial to address the greatest challenges of our time: the climate crisis, the disruptive effects of new technologies, rapidly changing demographics, rising inequality, migration…. How can we ensure that local governments and urban stakeholders are included in the global efforts to reinvigorate the multilateral agenda and address such challenges?

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