Manabu Miyasaka
Manabu Miyasaka Vice Governor Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo, Japan


June 2013: Appointed as SoftBank (now SoftBank Group) Director
June 2018: Appointed as Yahoo! Japan Board Chair (to June 18, 2019)
July 2019: Appointed as Counselor to the Governor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (to September 19, 2019)
September 2019: Appointed as Vice Governor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (current position) 


Save to calendar 16-11-2022 10:00 16-11-2022 10:10 Europe/Madrid Opening the Future of Cities through SusHi Tech from Tokyo

Tokyo faces the huge risks of climate change and natural disasters. Supporting this Tokyo is its smart infrastructure, which has been built over many years. Now is the time for cities to walk together toward the future, 100 years ahead, through open innovation among cities.

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