Lucas Casasnovas
Lucas Casasnovas Director Seat Mo Barcelona, Spain


Lucas Casasnovas is the Managing Director of SEAT MÓ. He has close to 25 years’ experience in the automotive industry, mainly at SEAT and Volkswagen Group, in several Sales & Marketing positions in different countries (Spain, Germany, Japan). From his position, Casasnovas leads the "new mobility" business unit & strategy regarding product and services and has contributed to redefining the company’s portfolio to adapt it to new trends in urban m


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 16:17 17-11-2020 16:33 Europe/Madrid How can Micro-mobility Support a Green and Sustainable Recovery?

Just a few months ago, cities all over the world were in the midst of a mobility renaissance. New forms of shared and connected mobility were taking root, augmenting overburdened public-transit systems and offering convenient, eco-friendly alternatives for commuting and urban travel. The fact is, the need for new modes of mobility has not changed and neither has their social or environmental value. Reliable, accessible, and affordable transportation that minimizes environmental impacts is still a critical need. Throughout this session, we will explore different projects that Seat is developing in the area of micro-mobility, as well as how these operators help cities keep moving during and after the Covid-19 and how these services could be the key to an environmentally-friendly economic recovery

How can Micro-mobility Support a Green and Sustainable Recovery?

#Clean Air, #E-mobility, #First Mile, #Fossil Fuel-free Streets, #Last Mile, #Micro Mobility, #Shared Mobility
16:17h - 16:33h (GMT +2)
Relive #SCLive2020 at Tomorrow.City
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