Lori E. Lightfoot
Lori E. Lightfoot Mayor City of Chicago Chicago, United States of America


Lori E. Lightfoot is the 56th Mayor of Chicago. She has undertaken a bold agenda to expand inclusive growth across Chicago, with key gains in community investment, education, and financial stability. In response to COVID-19, she has led a coordinated response to address both its impact and recovery.


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While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused harm in the health sectors of many cities, it has also brought to light challenges that metropolises faced in other areas. At the same time, it serves as an opportunity to rethink cities’ approaches to innovation and inclusive growth in order to move towards a more inclusive, sustainable society. During this interview with Chicago’s Mayor Ms. Lightfoot, we will talk about the initiatives that the city has taken towards fighting specific problems such as housing, education, crime, justice or demographic changes and, specifically, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the city and those already existing challenges.


Chicago’s Inclusive Response to Covid-19

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