Kun Yue
Kun Yue President, Global Government Business Dept Huawei China


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 10:28 17-11-2020 10:43 Europe/Madrid Empowering the City Being with Intelligence and Vitality

Smart city developments need to consider both technical and human factors, and they need to be done more intelligently. At the same time, it is necessary to coordinate development plans at all levels and in all departments, build efficient data connectivity and develop easy and effective operations and management applications while they remain enjoyable to use. Through this session with Huawei, we will discuss the future of smart cities within the context of COVID-19, and we will see how to build open, mutually beneficial ecosystems that can effectively boost local economic development and help create better urban lives through the use of Digital Technologies and Digital Governance tools.


Empowering the City Being with Intelligence and Vitality

#Big Data, #Digital Twins, #Digitalization, #Networked Devices, #Smart Environments
10:28h - 10:43h (GMT +2)
Relive #SCLive2020 at Tomorrow.City
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