Karin Ebbinghaus
Karin Ebbinghaus CEO Elonroad Lund, Sweden


Karin Ebbinghaus is the CEO of the innovative company Elonroad, which contributes to the system shift into to a more climate-friendly society. Karin has a background as a lawyer and investor but fell for Elonroad and their inspiring approach to tackling the climate challenge with new thinking and belief in technology.


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EU unicorns, start-up companies with a value of over $1 billion, are key to spur innovation across Europe. Europe aims to become leading global innovation powerhouse and to double the number of unicorns in the EU by 2030, to approximately 250. Therefore it´s key for ecosystem leaders and politicians to work together, to build a new generation of innovation and entrepreneurs, helping them to scale and become tech champions.

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Cities and countries are experiencing a shift towards electric transportation. With more electric vehicles, there is a new need for adapting the roads and infrastructures to the new demands. This interview with Ms. Karin Ebbinghaus will bring up the pioneering innovation from Elonroad, a high-tech electric road concept, of which she is the CEO. How can this technology piloted in Sweden can be implemented in other regions?

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MaaS and EVs: A new Age for Urban Mobility

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Thursday, November 18 - 16:03h - 16:15h (GMT+)
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