Jifang Li
Jifang Li Deputy General Manager of Tencent Cloud Hubei Region Tencent Cloud China


Former WeChat team member, WeChat government affairs industry leader, one of the original WeChat city service creators, covering most of the provinces and cities in China, with rich experience in C-side government operations. 2019, she became deputy general manager of Tencent Cloud Hubei region, responsible for Wuhan Wecity project, Wuhan cultural tourism code and other projects.


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After the epidemic went into normalization, Wuhan combined the results of digital warfare against the epidemic and used digital technology to achieve business and data integration and development to promote post-epidemic economic recovery and urban development.

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Smart City Construction of Wuhan

Enabling Technologies #Collaboration, #Data Integration, #Urban Innovation
Wednesday, November 17 - 10:43h - 10:53h (GMT+)
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