Jeff S. Merritt
Jeff S. Merritt Head of Internet of Things and Urban Transformation World Economic Forum City and County of San Francisco, United States of America


Jeff Merritt is an internationally-recognized expert in the area of smart cities, the internet of things, emerging technologies, and government innovation with more than two decades of experience driving social change in the U.S. and abroad. He leads a growing international team at the World Economic Forum with locations in 13 cities around the globe from San Francisco to São Paulo. Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, he served as New Yor


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 17:37 17-11-2020 17:47 Europe/Madrid Adopting Technologies Responsibly: a Global Policy Roadmap for Ethical Smart Cities

The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance was launched last year to promote cities policies needed in order to adopt smart city technologies responsibly. Over the last year, the Alliance has assembled a global community of cities, institutions and leading experts to develop a policy framework that will guide local authorities with practical, implementable policies. Throughout this session, we will hear about this new framework and the cities that are taking it on. Specifically, we will learn about: what the policy framework offers and our plans for its development, the five model policies that comprise the initial launch of the framework, and why they are fundamental to a smart city and, finally, the selected group of pilot cities that are currently adopting this framework.
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