Jeanne Holm
Jeanne Holm Chief Data Officer at the City of Los Angeles City of Los Angeles Los Angeles, United States of America


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 17:17 17-11-2020 17:37 Europe/Madrid Inclusive Technology and Digital Rights

While cutting-edge technology can enhance economic growth, productivity and social inclusion, when unevenly deployed in cities it can create a digital divide, which can exacerbate inequality. Local authorities have an important role to play to reduce this digital gap by facilitating skills, abilities and access to new technologies to its citizens. To this end, they have to define a process of major and progressive change to improve the public administration and then offer better and agile digital services to its citizens. During this session, we will discuss the relevant role of technology when facing the COVID-19 pandemic in cities, while putting digital inclusivity at the heart of its development, as well as the potential of technology in making cities more resilient and adaptive in the near future.
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