Isabel Trias de Bes
Isabel Trias de Bes Responsible for Innovation Projects RACC Barcelona, Spain


She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and an MBA. She has developed his professional career in the field of marketing and digital communication. She has been involved, as a co-founder, in the creation of e-commerce startups, design, and in projects related to longevity and the aging population. At RACC she participates in the creation and development of innovation projects within the New Business Lab team.


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 16:01 17-11-2020 16:17 Europe/Madrid Urban Mobility Trends Post-Lockdown

COVID-19 has made a tremendous impact on people’s everyday lives. Of all the changes the current situation has brought, how we move around and get from one place to another, has been one of the most drastic ones. So, how will urban mobility change in post-Covid cities? During this session with the RACC, the Mobility Services Club, we will discover different ways of improving mobility from an integral standpoint, specifically looking to go beyond the use of cars, while working towards a more inclusive, centred on people, safer, intelligent climate-friendly and multifaceted mobility

Urban Mobility Trends Post-Lockdown

#Covid-adapted Mobility, #Future of Mobility, #Low Carbon Mobility, #Micro Mobility, #Mobility Planning, #Urban Planning
16:01h - 16:17h (GMT +2)
Relive #SCLive2020 at Tomorrow.City
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