Ignasi Armengol
Ignasi Armengol Managing Director Fundació Barcelona Capital Nàutica Barcelona, Spain


Ignasi Armengol has extensive experience in Public Management with projects for the transformation and improvement of cities: 1992 Olympic Games, Forum of Cultures 2004, the New Bus Network, Bicing... Previous experience as General Manager of the TBM Bus Service, Managing Director of BSM or General Manager of Mass Transport of Panama, among others.


Save to calendar 17-11-2022 10:20 17-11-2022 11:05 Europe/Madrid America’s Cup Spearheading Innovation and Sustainability

The America’s Cup is not only a sailing competition but a driver of technological and sustainable innovation. Barcelona will host what is described as the most innovative edition. After the implementation of foils to improve light wind performance and the use of Artificial Intelligence for design, now America’s Cup is committed to hydrogen to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. This dialogue will showcase the shift America’s Cup is undertaking, setting a new paradigm for the industry while pushing the boundaries for engineering, design and sustainability.


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