Gunter Pauli
Gunter Pauli Entrepreneur, Economist and Author of The Blue Economy Belgium


Gunter Pauli is an entrepreneur, pioneer of innovative business models. He led a think tank to identify high-growth service companies in Europe during a major crisis in the 80s and created a think tank to prepare for the Kyoto Protocol after building and operating the first green factory. He has advised governments and entrepreneurs on how to implement breakthrough innovations enabling society to better meet basic needs. Author of fables with 34


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The Blue Economy transforms innovations into novel business models. How to communicate underwater using ultrasound. How to remove microplastics from seawater like our lungs extract CO2 from our blood. How to produce hydrogen from seawater at a third of the cost. How to forecast the weather measuring water density. How to capture wind power at altitudes using robotics and AI securing baseload power... are only a few of the breakthroughs that are the basis of a portfolio of new business models that can very turn into the industries of the 21st century.

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