Gou Zhengli
Gou Zhengli Executive Vice Mayor of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government City of Chengdu Chengdu, China


Mr. Gou Zhengli , joined the Communist Party of China in June 1985. He is a member of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, Executive Vice Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Government, and Secretary of the State Capital and State-owned Enterprises Working Committee of the Municipal Committee.


Save to calendar 16-11-2021 10:26 16-11-2021 10:32 Europe/Madrid City Talks: What’s next for cities?

City Talks will discuss and amplify the most critical issues facing the city with chinese city´s representatives that attending Smart City Expo World Congress, and will demonstrate some of the main challenges that cities are experiencing, new innovations and project implemented. The Vice Mayor of Chengdu, will address topics such as living and inclusion, among others.

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