Evgeniya Lodvigova
Evgeniya Lodvigova Vice-Mayor City of Kazan Kazan, Russia


Evgeniya Lodvigova is a Deputy Mayor of the city of Kazan. Since 2003, she has been involved in the field of tourism and hospitality and has been at the forefront of a new hotel industry development in Kazan. From 2014 to 2015, she has been a Director of the Committee for Tourism Development. In 2015, Evgeniya Lodvigova was appointed as a Deputy Mayor of the City of Kazan in charge of international relations and tourism development.


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Urban safety includes both the objective problem of safety and the subjective individual or collective sense of safety. Digital technologies may contribute to improving both objective safety and the individual feeling, for example in the case of cybersecurity, surveillance or emergency response. But are the challenges of urban security related to the use of new technologies and civil rights or are we facing new situations of insecurity for specific groups?

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