Constance Nebbula
Constance Nebbula Vice President, in charge of Smart Territory Angers Metropolis Angers, France


Elected since almost 10 years, I have 3 differents electoral mandates : municipal councillor of Angers city in charge of digital transition, Vice President of Angers Metropolis in charge of smart territory, high education and research and Vice President of Pays de la Loire Region, in charge of digital.


Save to calendar 16-11-2022 17:00 16-11-2022 17:50 Europe/Madrid The Emerging Data-Driven City

The value of data continues to gain momentum, as urban data integration projects and platforms continue to be deployed and used worldwide. Datasets, as well as data analytics, prove their value in different fields such as transport, urban liveability, and crime prevention. Keeping those opportunities in mind, what lessons can be learnt from data-driven cities? What are ways to collect data to make better decisions? What is the best way to guarantee the openness of data while guaranteeing citizens’ privacy?

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