Claudio Orrego Larraín
Claudio Orrego Larraín Governor Metropolitan Regional Government of Santiago Santiago, Chile


Claudio Orrego is a lawyer from the Catholic University of Chile and hold a MPP at Harvard University. In 2000 he became biminister of the Ministry of Housing and National Assets. He was the mayor of Peñalolén (2004–2012) and Intendant of the Metropolitan Region (2014-2018). He is currently the first elected Governor of the Metropolitan Region.


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Current global challenges call for rethinking the role of governments and cities in the urban realm. As cities keep working to enhance transparency, effectiveness, accountability, and legitimacy of public policy-making by seizing the opportunities of technological change, how can decision-makers be supported in their task to effectively respond to these challenges? How can local governments improve trust in democratic institutions, as well as integrate collaborative efforts in order to achieve a shared future?

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