Christina Salmhofer
Christina Salmhofer Sustainability Strategist City of Stockholm, Development Administration Stockholm, Sweden


Christina Salmhofer has been the Sustainability Strategist of Stockholm Royal Seaport, over the past 11 yeras. She is responsible for overseeing the strategis and results of the sustainability profiling of the area.


Save to calendar 16-11-2022 11:00 16-11-2022 11:30 Europe/Madrid Stockholm’s Pathway Towards Becoming Energy Positive

Most of the latest urban development projects are designed with the idea of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating more sustainable environments, for citizens’ health and for a better future for the planet. Stockholm’s ambition to become a positive energy city has driven them to project a new district with plus-energy buildings that can produce more energy than they consume. How has it been developed? Is it possible for other cities to be energy-positive?

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