Céline Vanderborght
Céline Vanderborght Smart City Manager Brussels-Capital Region


Céline Vanderborght is Brussels Smart City Manager.A commercial engineer and graduate of ULB-Solvay, Céline Vanderborght used to live outside Belgium for a few years and completed her training with a master’s degree in urban planning and sustainable development at the University of Geneva. As a Smart City manager, she is working with multiple private and public actors to help speed up the transformation of Brussels-Capital Region into a smart ci


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 11:33 17-11-2020 11:58 Europe/Madrid Bold Urban Action to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Climate change has been increasing in prominence on the agenda of many city authorities. In the face of COVID-19, cities are already having to explore new ways of working and implement rapid responses to the crisis. Could COVID-19 act as a kind of ‘shock’ to the system that changes our perspectives of what is possible in response to climate change and what we want our cities to look like? How can we ‘build back better’ from the pandemic in a way that confronts the climate crisis? Should we pay greater attention to green spaces as a key element of public health management? Rebuilding our lives and economies after lockdown should represent an opportunity to accelerate sustainability transitions, and clime action must stay top of the global agenda as we emerge from COVID-19.


Bold Urban Action to Tackle the Climate Crisis

#Climate Change, #Climate Emergency, #Green Spaces, #Metropolitan Governance, #Post COVID-19 Cities, #Public Health Management
11:33h - 11:58h (GMT +2)
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