Catherine Pérez
Catherine Pérez Head of the Department of Health Information Systems Public Health Agency of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain


PhD in Public Health, Head of the Health Information Systems Department. She leads the research group Urban Health Inequalities. Her main lines of research include the evaluation of health impact of mobility and road safety policies, injuries and severity and indicators on social inequalities. She is currently leading the evaluation of the health impact of environmental measures implemented in Barcelona, such as superblocks.


Save to calendar 16-11-2021 17:05 16-11-2021 17:15 Europe/Madrid Cleaner Air, Healthier Citizens

Public health issues have been exacerbated after the Covid-19 pandemic as citizens became more aware about these aspects. Consequently, there will be a shift on city planning, prioritizing these issues; air quality, among them. This session will answer the question of what effects can poor air quality have on citizens?, and will present the Barcelona’s Superblocks and urban design in favour of public health, and its effects on the air we breathe, planning and mobility. – SCEWC Digital Channel
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