Carles Ruiz Novella
Carles Ruiz Novella Mayor City Council of Viladecans Viladecans, Spain


Mayor of Viladecans and chairs the Department of Human Resources, Finance and Internal Services of the Diputació of Barcelona. In addition, he is secretary of the Industrial Pact of the Metropolitan Region, chairs the FEMP Biodiversity network, and co-chairs the Innpulso Network, a network of science and innovation cities.


Save to calendar 15-11-2022 11:00 15-11-2022 11:45 Europe/Madrid City Networks Bringing Spanish Mayors Together

Cities Networks are a strong means to strengthen local governments by sharing good practices and knowledge. This session gathers Spanish Mayors of cities taking part in these networks at a national level to share their visions about cooperation in interoperability and innovation, for the benefit of urban services and infrastructures.

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 13:45 17-11-2022 14:30 Europe/Madrid The Future of Work Has Already Started

The future of work has been impacted by digital transformation and remote employment models. Since the global pandemic, new work trends have accelerated, enhancing the importance of digitalization, and forcing people to adapt to advanced ways of working and gaining new skills. How will work be done, from where, and by whom? And most importantly, which top skills, frames, and regulations will be necessary for a future inclusive, equitable, and sustainable workplace?

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