Brent Toderian
Brent Toderian City planner and urbanist Toderian Urban Works


Save to calendar 17-11-2020 17:47 17-11-2020 18:02 Europe/Madrid BRENT TODERIAN: Brainstorming Urban Ideas

Over the last few months, all over the world, cities are being challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have been forced to devise creative and innovative solutions in order to move forward. Could COVID-19 be an opportunity to rethink how cities work? Throughout this session with Brent Toderian, an urbanist and city planner, we will gain insight into how to approach these challenges, whether such urban disruption is actually a benefit to speed up certain positive trends, and what thinking is needed to move towards safer, more efficient, and attractive metropolises of the future.

BRENT TODERIAN: Brainstorming Urban Ideas

#Innovation, #Mobility Planning, #Urban Management, #Urban Planning, #Urban Safety
17:47h - 18:02h (GMT +2)
Relive #SCLive2020 at Tomorrow.City
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