Boyd Cohen
Boyd Cohen CEO IOMOB Barcelona, Spain


Boyd Cohen is the CEO of Iomob, the first global mobility on demand platform for enterprise with early clients in Europe, Asia and North America. Since obtaining his Ph.D. in strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado in 2001, he spent the past two decades focused on smart cities and the path to a low-carbon economy. This included publishing 3 books and starting a handful of ventures in the smart cities and sustainability arena.


Save to calendar 18-11-2021 14:00 18-11-2021 15:30 Europe/Madrid Public Transport after Covid

Passengers are starting to return to public transport after the pandemics; however, new patterns/frequencies of commuting and tendencies of increased use of active mobility modes do not appear to change the overall picture. Higher car ownership and use is no smaller challenge either. A panel of experts will share their suggestions on how to regain, or even reinforce, passenger uptake in public transport.

Congress Area – TMWC Room
Save to calendar 18-11-2021 16:03 18-11-2021 16:15 Europe/Madrid MaaS and EVs: A new Age for Urban Mobility

Cities and countries are experiencing a shift towards electric transportation. With more electric vehicles, there is a new need for adapting the roads and infrastructures to the new demands. This interview with Ms. Karin Ebbinghaus will bring up the pioneering innovation from Elonroad, a high-tech electric road concept, of which she is the CEO. How can this technology piloted in Sweden can be implemented in other regions? – TMWC Digital Channel

MaaS and EVs: A new Age for Urban Mobility

Mobility #Charging Infrastructures, #E-mobility, #High Tech
Thursday, November 18 - 16:03h - 16:15h (GMT+)
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