Arturo Bris
Arturo Bris Director and researcher IMD World Competitiveness Center (WCC) Lausanne, Switzerland


Arturo Bris is one of the top100 most important finance academics in the world. He is the author of several books, a frequent speaker at international conferences, and appears regularly in media. He leads the WCC and is an award-winning teacher and program director.


Save to calendar 15-11-2022 11:45 15-11-2022 12:30 Europe/Madrid Urban Innovation: Who Pays the Bill?

How can cities ensure their positive impact on development and transformation? Funding and financing strategies are crucial for smart city frameworks to be implemented in reality. This process requires infrastructure modernization and implementation, and local governments need to mobilise financial sources and innovative financing strategies. This session will explore the tools available as multinational development banks, PPEPs, subsidies, sovereign funds or public loans, among others; the risks embedded, and how cities can access them.

Green Room
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