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Thematic Roundtable | SMART CITY EXPO

Enhancing Urban Life through IoT

Anu Devi
Anu Devi World Economic Forum Moderator
Catherine Caruana-McManus
Catherine Caruana-McManus Meshed IoT Director - Sales & Strategy Speaker
Donna Moore
Donna Moore LoRa Alliance CEO & Chairwoman Speaker

#Connectivity, #Content Capsule, #Data Management, #IOT, #Machine to Machine Communication, #Networked Devices, #Sensoring

07-11-2023 11:25 07-11-2023 12:10 Europe/Madrid Enhancing Urban Life through IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming cities, offering immense potential to address emerging urban challenges. Metropolises are leveraging IoT to optimize public services and infrastructure, from resource management to public safety and building efficiency. However, as cities embrace IoT's interconnectedness, data privacy and security concerns have surfaced. Can governments ensure the integration of IoT technologies while safeguarding citizen privacy?

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