Adolfo Borrero Villalón
Adolfo Borrero Villalón CEO Aalto Consultores Sevilla, Spain


CEO of Aalto Consultores, specialized in Str Smart cities. Founding partner of Cactus ESCO. President of the AMETIC Smartcities Commission from 2012. Starting his ICT career in 1984. 26 years in the NASDAQ company TELVENT. Electrical Engineer from University of Seville (1986) and E-MBA from San Telmo International Institute of Seville (1996).


Save to calendar 17-11-2022 12:15 17-11-2022 13:00 Europe/Madrid Are We Ready to Let AI Manage Cities?

AI-enabled governance has facilitated smarter urban services for years, advancing decision-making and urban innovation. As the technology continues to be expanded globally, focus areas of AI development are being deployed in different countries and backgrounds. In this context, what have been the top key advances in AI uses for smarter governance this 2022? What is AI’s role in designing tomorrow within the Public Sector and how can its use facilitate urban governance and help with the decision-making?

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