Abigail Binay
Abigail Binay Mayor Makati City Council Makati, Philippines


Makati Mayor Abby Binay on her third term as mayor continues to pursue its transformation as an inclusive and sustainable smart city.
Named first Resilience Hub of the MCR2030 in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, Makati joins Race to Resilience in a state of climate emergency declared by Mayor Abby to accelerate multi-stakeholder climate action.


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During the last years, cities have seen rapid shifts to virtual and remote work, new partnerships across ecosystems, and unprecedented levels of adaptability. Now, as organizations and governments rethink what social inclusion means for cities, ensuring affordable lives, breaking the digital gap and “breaking” systemic inequalities are no longer optional. What do cities need to do to reinforce their commitment not to leave anybody behind? What are the best policy approaches to open up the city to all? How can cities meet the needs of displaced populations?


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