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Attending Smart City Live

Find out why you won’t want to miss this year’s digital summit for cities, plus tips on making the most of the event.

Why tune in to Smart City Live?

A global event for global issues​

We bring the entire smart ecosystem to one platform. Tune in to hear from international experts on how cities worldwide are rebuilding to become more inclusive and sustainable, all straight to your living room or office. See featured speakers

Optimized for digital ​

The event’s live broadcast on the first day will alternate interviews, conversations, real-case studies and other sessions of 8-12 minutes each, optimized for an online audience.

A cross-sector community

The event combines three major platforms – Smart City Expo World Congress, Smart Mobility Congress and Retail and Brand Experience World Congress – to pool together key players from various sectors with critical influence in post-pandemic economy recovery.

Opportunities for networking

The event’s digital format still provides plenty of opportunities to connect with potential partners. Contact participants via the platform to set up a chat, or register for the Virtual Brokerage Event by November 9.

Free access for all

No travel, no queues, all your home comforts… Smart City Live combines the benefits of an online event with a program of world-class content, all entirely free to access.

Get ready for Smart City Live

Plan your schedule

Like any event, thinking ahead will help you get the most out of Smart City Live. Be sure to browse the agenda before the event kicks off to make sure you don’t miss the talks or sessions that interest you most.

Update your calendar

Mark your talks and sessions in your work calendar to make sure your colleagues know you’re attending Smart City Live. You might want to send them a link to our website and invite them to pre-register, too!

Reach out to potential partners

Smart City Live brings the world of urban development to you. Browse the attendee list and set up one-to-ones with the key players with the solutions you’re looking for or who could offer strong partnerships for your business.

Settle in for an inspiring event

Check your wifi connection, grab a coffee, headphones and a notebook or tablet to jot down thoughts and ideas, then find a comfortable spot and get settled in for a unique and inspiring event.