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World Smart City Awards 2020

Discover this year’s winners and their pioneering projects.
This year taking place as part of Smart City Live, the annual World Smart City Awards is a prestigious international competition that seeks to recognize pioneering projects, ideas and strategies making cities around the world more livable, sustainable, and economically viable.

Finalists for the 2020 edition have been selected for each of the 7 categories, with entries once again proving to be of an exceptionally high standard. The winners have been announced during the live online gala on November 18, placing participants and their projects in the spotlight on a recognized international platform and in front of a large, diverse audience.

Check out the winners!

World Smart City Award winners 2020

The entries for this edition have come from 46 countries worldwide and have been of an exceptionally high standard.


City Award

Awarded to Cities for developed global strategies combining projects, initiatives and policy implementations for their citizens.


Smart Shanghai - People - Oriented Smart City

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization - Shangai, China
The Shanghai Smart City Plan (2016-220) is currently on its final year of implementation and has had a fruitful development. It is focused on the following areas: digital infraestructure construction, e-government, City Brain, Integration technology and industry and environmental strategy.

Yokohama Blue Carbon Project

City of Yokohama - YOKOHAMA - JAPAN
The Yokohama Blue Carbon Offset System offsets emitted CO2 through the CO2 reduction effects of carbon absorbed by “Blue Carbon”, such as carbon captured by seaweed and marine plants, or Blue Resources created using marine energy.

Saint Petersburg's Smart City. Making people happy!

The Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of St. Petersburg - SAINT PETERSBURG - RUSSIA
Digital Innovative Ecosystem OneCardSPb is a set of services and applications created for the interaction between the city and its residents, ensuring that every citizen feels confident about his own value and contribution.

Lisboa Inteligente - Smart Lisbon

Lisbon Municipality - LISBON - PORTUGAL
Lisboa Smart City strategy includes smart mobility, security, environment, digital platforms and technology actions in order to improve Lisbon's residents lives. A set of digital solutions contribute to increase societal equity and create trust thanks to the transparency of municipal policies.

Belo Horizonte Smart City Project

Prefeitura de Belo Horizonte - BELO HORIZONTE - BRAZIL
Belo Horizonte’s Smart City project aims to improve the quality of life of its residents as well as guarantee efficient public services, operational efficiency, improve the response capacities of the administration, and achieve sustainable development.

Tampere's Holistic and Collaborative Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

City of Tampere - TAMPERE - FINLAND
Carbon Neutral Tampere 2030 is the roadmap to implement the city’s climate and sustainability strategy by embedding climate action, financial and strategic planning in the annual service and providing a platform for projects and wider collaboration.


Covid-19 Innovation Award

Awarded to projects with the potential of contributing to the successful transformation, adaptation or response of our cities to the Covid-19 pandemic or others that may occur in the future.


Innovative adaptations to the 'Future of Work' within the Global Digital Marketplace in Zambia​

This project enables the access to remote digital jobs in Zambia, as well as provides digital banking services, skill advancement assistance and a virtual community of support, in order to address solutions during the impact of COVID-19 on unemployment rates and low wages experienced by the Sub-Saharan youth.

Driving the future of healthcare with the Medibus

The Medibus is a medical practice on wheels that provides health services to German communities, including primary care, company medical examinations, telehealth consultations, video translation services for patients, vaccination campaigns and most recently, COVID-19 antibody testing.

Ask Phoebe: a Social-distance friendly activity finder

‘Ask Phoebe’ is a social-distance friendly activity finder that collates content and services from businesses and government agencies and offers personalized social-distance friendly activities ideas to users.

Torino City Love

City of Turin - TURIN - ITALY
Solidarity and open innovation initiative aimed at mobilizing industry and start-ups from Italy and abroad to offer resources and skills and/or co-develop innovative solutions to support citizens and businesses based in Torino-Piedmont during the COVID-19 emergency.

Project Odysseus – Understanding London ‘busyness’ and exiting lockdown

Greater London Authority - LONDON - UNITED KINGDOM
A project bringing together large-scale and heterogeneous datasets capturing mobility, transportation and traffic activity over London to better understand “busyness” and enable targeted interventions and effective policy-making, as London exits COVID-19 lockdown and moves into recovery.

Digital innovation solutions during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Kuching and Sarawak

Sarawak Multimedia Authority - KUCHING - MALAYSIA
Digital innovation solutions implemented in Kuching city and the State of Sarawak in order to manage the pandemic as well as ease the hardship of citizens.


Enabling Technologies Award

Awarded to the most innovative and successful projects being implemented and developed in the fields of data and technology.


Digital City — Technology Makes a Better City

Government Services Data Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality - SHENZHEN - CHINA
Improvement of Shenzhen’s livelihood services and city governance capabilities in order to become a modern, international and innovation-based city. Some actions include: strengthen digital infrastructure, 5G, free WLAN coverage in public spaces, Management Service Command Center, epidemic prevention management, and Smart Policing.

5G Railway Lab

Fundació Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation - BARCELONA - SPAIN
Indoor railway tunnel equipped with 5G technology to test industrial, mobility and customer experience driven solutions.

City of Melbourne - Emerging Technology Testbed

City of Melbourne - MELBOURNE - AUSTRALIA
System of relationships, processes, practices, digital and physical space used to work together to solve city problems and test emerging technologies. It establishes an optimal innovation environment (collaboration between local governments and industry partners), to test emerging technologies to solve future city challenges.


Urban Environment Award

Awarded to the most innovative and successful projects being implemented and developed in relating to urban environments.


MindSphere City Graph - a platform from Siemens and Microsoft

Microsoft - MUNICH - GERMANY
The MindSphere City Graph enables contextual integration and analysis within cities, districts or campuses. Graph-based, it builds digital twins of real entities in a city and optimizes city operations step-by-step, through IoT and advanced analytics.

From take out plastic containers to PPE

Envision Charlotte - CHARLOTTE - UNITED STATES
Collection of takeout plastic containers from individual residents and senior facilities to turn it into filament for 3D printers. Once the filament is made, it is donated to anyone using their 3D printer to create PPE.

Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMOS)

Port de Barcelona - BARCELONA - SPAIN
A tool that displays information, detects, and automatically records events in maritime traffic control in the Port of Barcelona, in order to help traffic operator’s decision-making process from the control tower.


Mobility Award

Awarded to the most innovative and successful projects being implemented and developed in the field of mobility.


Using technology to convert fixed route public transit to on-demand transit during COVID-19

Pantonium Inc. - TORONTO - CANADA
On-Demand Transit software used by the City of Belleville to convert their entire public transit fleet from fixed route operations to a flexible on-demand service. Drivers are guided through optimal one stop at a time, and users request rides to and from any transit stop in the area.

How to give autonomy and spontaneity to people with disabilities in transportation ?

Efficient wayfinding application for complex venues, providing adapted step by step navigation for disabled people, with dedicated interfaces that improve the accessibility in the metro. It consists of one app, but several UX and UI.

Planes MES - Sustainable Business Mobility Plans

Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley - ANTIOQUIA - MEDELLÍN - COLOMBIA
The goal of this plan is to invite organizations with more than 200 collaborators to carry out actions to promote a culture of sustainable mobility, in a way that guides them through reflecting about the impacts of their work-related travel patterns, and promotes more sustainable mobility habits.


Governance & Economy Award

Awarded to the most innovative and successful projects being implemented and developed in the fields of governance and finance.


Zencity: Data-driven Decision Making for Local Government

Using advanced AI, the platform helps local governments make data-driven decisions based on their communities’ needs and priorities, gathering and analyzing millions of anonymized, aggregated data points of community feedback.

POOM Start-Up Park: Platform, Open Data and Open Living Lab

IFEZ - Incheon Free Economic Zone - INCHEON - REPUBLIC OF KOREA
This project aims at creating a smart ecosystem through a living lab, using platform-based open data, embracing innovation and creating values able to transform the world positively. New smart, operative and innovative services will receive financial support.

Training the village's youth and empowering them with e-commerce in order to get decent work

Free training program through which the village's youth can get decent and qualified jobs. They can learn about e-commerce for free and, after the training program is over, they can collaborate with Indonesia’s SMEs.


Living & Inclusion Award

Awarded to the most innovative and successful projects being implemented and developed in relation to inclusive and sharing cities.


A New Life in the Grotas: evidence-based slum improvement and urban development

Government of the State of Alagoas, Brazil - MACEIÓ - BRAZIL
The program combines interventions in vulnerable settlements in the city of Maceió with a focus on mobility, public spaces and housing, and strategic interventions for strengthening public policies through production, use and systematization of tabular and spatial data.

Askıda Fatura - Pay-It-Forward/Bill on the Hook Project

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality - ISTANBUL - TURKEY
Solidarity platform that enables social examination when needed and, when passed, allows users to upload their water and gas bills into the system to settle them through international donations. The IMM acts as an intermediary.

Social integration through the creation of “all abilities” public spaces

Greater Visakhapatnam Smart City Corporation Limited - VISAKHAPATNAM - INDIA
Through the creation of “all ability” public spaces, the focus of this project is to ensure that Visakhapatnam’s citizens have healthy lifestyle choices and, on a broader lens, enjoy a more liveable city.