Partner's Solutions

11 Partner's Solutions will be showcased in the Plaza during the 3 day event.

  • Manhole opening detection system

    Any time a manhole or a door is opened or closed, the system is registering the action and providing real time information about the manhole or door status to the infrastructure manager.

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  • The Solar HUB, designed by SIARQ

    A new concept of smart urban furniture, which combines street lighting, micro-generation of solar energy and support for telecom and IoT technology, with an aesthetic design: Communications, data and energy all combined

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  • Provides access to Smart City Expo for disabled persons

    We provide motorised electric chairs for people with reduced mobility, simultaneous translation for people with hearing problems at several Conference sessions and guided visits for visually impaired people.

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  • Waste Management

    At this showcase you can use yourself a smart bin with a real-time panel, which is based on FIWARE and harmonized data models.

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  • Huawei

    Huawei is going to demonstrate innovative achievements in Smart Cities, teaming up with a variety of partners to exhibit in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility, and IoT. The Intelligent Operation Center based on Cloud Computing and Big Data helps to build high-speed command centers in a digital world.

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  • Passionate about Cities

    As a technology leader, Mastercard is committed to being a driving force in the private sector: to embed digital payments into a city's DNA, sustainable growth.
    And to reduce the reliance on cash.

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  • Cities Unlocked

    Getting around cities is a nerve-wracking experience for so many people, too often it can feel like public spaces and services - from parks to transport systems - are designed with insufficient consideration for the people they serve.

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  • Smart City Applications from Philips Lighting

    Smart devices—from street lights to power meters to noise sensors and beyond—work together in a connected infrastructure to save energy, streamline operations, and improve citizens' lives.

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  • Smart infrastucture solutions

    Our humble lamppost SM!GHT Base integrates systems relevant for the future and the environment.

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  • We make it valuable

    SUEZ has developed scalable digital solutions to help cities making the most of urban data. SUEZ sees urban data as resources which have to be mobilised to improve everyday life and boost cities' vitality while preserving the environment.

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  • Interactive machines

    Telefónica is a tech startup which revalues the urban infrastructures like the phone booths, bus stations, transports, as well as restoration spaces and retail using smart charge.

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