Empowering people to tackle social challenges

What is Society about?

In classical Greece, Plato said that "any city, however small, is in fact divided in two". In today's hyperconnected world, inequalities are still severe and people with disabilities or ageing population are groups at risk of social exclusion. To remedy that situation and foster social common good, equity has turned into a guiding principle of smart policies in many major cities. City leaders are also taking strategic approaches to Digital Social Innovation (DSI), involving open data, making, co-creation and other methods of tackling local social challenges, to generate a systemic change and foster empowerment. Yet, in this process they also need to be mindful of the digital divide, because not all residents have equal access. The right to the city should be guaranteed, with the duties of citizenship that go with it. How can local governments support engagement and public participation to develop collaborative and inclusive cities contributing to a higher quality of life?

What Society covers

  • ageing population
  • civic tech
  • cocity
  • co-creation
  • co-production
  • culture
  • digital divide
  • education
  • e-health
  • e-learning
  • empowerment
  • equity
  • gender
  • health
  • inclusive
  • inequality
  • knowledge
  • living labs
  • participation
  • quality of life
  • right to the city
  • social innovation
  • social services
  • wellbeing

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Kilian Kleinschmidt
Founder & President - Innovation & Planning Agency - Vienna - Austria
Masashi Mori
Mayor - City of Toyama - Japan


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