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What is Safe Cities about?

Current economic and political stakes worldwide, terrorism and natural disasters have changed the nature of urban safety. Today, securing public safety means addressing a wide and evolving range of risks, including new cyberthreats resulting from the use of internet connected devices and digital platforms enabling to better serve citizens. Thus, critical nodes and arteries that together comprise urban infrastructure systems related to energy, food, water, sewerage and communications must be able to withstand new external shocks. City leaders need to ensure they are robust enough, plan for emergencies and empower people to take responsibility to contribute to safety and resilience. The use of real-time data and intelligent algorithms may be of help, provided citizens' privacy is protected. How can local governments use the participatory approach to improve community engagement in prevention to develop safer cities and encourage citizens' well-being?

What Safe Cities covers

  • cybersecurity
  • disaster recovery
  • emergencies
  • legislation
  • public safety
  • regulation
  • resilience
  • risk management
  • security technologies
  • surveillance
  • data protection and privacy

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Speakers talking about Safe Cities

Archana Vemulapalli
CTO - Washington DC Government, Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) - USA
Dan Lewis
Chief Urban Risk Reduction - UN-Habitat - Toronto - Canada


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