Is urban mobility meant to be driverless?

What is Mobility about?

Sustainable transportation is still one of the toughest issues cities face. The question of how to enhance mobility while at the same time reducing congestion, accidents and pollution is a common challenge to major cities worldwide. In Europe only, congestion costs nearly EUR 100 billion, or 1 % of the EU's GDP, annually. In recent years, technology has come to the rescue with real-time data, multimodal transport systems, electric vehicles, connected self-driving vehicles, shared transportation or even non-motorized mobility, all grouped under the umbrella of intelligent transport systems. Yet, aligning breakthrough innovation, policy and planning is not an easy task. How can cities tackle the challenges of infrastructure and sustainability, while ensuring that new technologies benefit all communities? How can they help regulate this infant smart market without stifling its growth and adoption?

All these hot issues will be adressed at the first edition of our co-located congress & expo dedicated to new urban mobility: Smart Mobility World Congress.

What Mobility covers

  • Cycling
  • Electric vehicle
  • Freight
  • Logistics optimization
  • Integration platforms
  • Mobility as a service
  • Non-motorized mobility
  • Parking
  • Pedestrian strategy
  • Policy framework
  • Public transport
  • Real-time data
  • Shared transportation
  • Traffic management
  • Transport hubs
  • Transportation networks
  • Connected & self-driving vehicle
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Multimodal transport system
  • Walkable
  • Sustainable urban mobility

Partners sharing their Mobility expertise

Global partners
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The core of the topic


Speakers talking about Mobility

Dirk Ahlborn
CEO - Hyperloop Transportation - USA
Ani Dasgupta
Global Director - Ross Center for Sustainable Cities at World Resources Institute - Washington DC - USA
Mohamed Mezghani
Deputy Secretary General – UITP - Brussels – Belgium
Pieter Litjens
Deputy Mayor of Transport - Amsterdam - Netherlands


Congress Sessions

A day by day breakdown of the full agenda to help you manage your visit.

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Video Sessions

Watch the congress sessions about Mobility from the 2017 edition.

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Who is coming?

The following stakeholders fit the topic profile both as exhibitors and visitors:

  • Developers of user-centered mobility services
  • Technology and infrastructure platforms that operate integrated and intelligent networks
  • Companies related to online payments and pay-per-use/travel
  • Car industry, fleet and OEMs that are transitioning towards a mobility business model
  • Industry that develop mobility and smart city-related hardware and machinery
  • Public-private partnership project members

Explore all the participation profiles

Last year's participants

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Side events

  • PPP for Cities

    With leading industry experts, explore in-depth the role of Public-Private Partnerships in making our cities sustainable.

    More information

  • The Road toward Smart Cities

    This panel will discuss how cities are migrating from traditional city management toward Smart City management.

    More information

  • GALILEO 4 Mobility

    Discover GALILEO System Deployment and its benefits for urban mobility services through presentations and expert panel debate, plus networking opportunities.

    More information

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