What does good governance really mean today?

What is Governance about?

In the age of ubiquitous internet connections, smartphones and big data, governance is not just a matter of winning elections and assigning tasks to bureaucracies anymore. All stakeholders should have a voice in shaping the city. In fact, urban dwellers want to be intrinsically part of the value equation when defining their environment. Yet, with a few exceptions, the far-reaching implications of the connected city breaking down silos and engaging its constituents in acts of co-creation to develop city-to-city cooperation and open innovation with open data to foster open government and e-democracy, as well as transparency and performance measurement to amend bad decisions and improve the whole decision-making process have not been explored in depth. How can we re-imagine urban governance in this scenario? How do we foster political leadership that aims to facilitate and empower? More important, how do we create opportunities for people to create the government they deserve?

What Governance covers

  • City-to-city cooperation
  • commons
  • cooperation platforms
  • data maturity
  • e-democracy
  • e-government
  • engagement
  • multilevel governance
  • open data
  • open government
  • open innovation
  • transparency
  • policy framework
  • public-public cooperation
  • public services
  • service integration
  • performance measurement

Partners sharing their Governance expertise

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Speakers talking about Governance

Eugenie L. Birch
Lawrence C. Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research & Education - Penn University - Philadelphia - USA
Igor Calzada
Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow - University of Oxford - UK
Paul Wheelhouse
Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy - Scottish Government - Glasgow - UK


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