The Digital Diamond.
Caribe & Santanderes

Innovative Idea Award Winner
2015 World Smart City Awards


An initiative for competitiveness & ecodevelopment in a complex region in Colombia, combining "Urban Intelligence" + "Digital Technology". Led by Findeter, Government Development Bank, and the governors of 10 departments. Conceptual and technological support of the Fundación Metrópoli and Microsoft.

Findeter, the public financial institution of Colombia, together with the national government of Colombia and the governors of the 10 participating departments, are leading this pilot international strategy to accelerate the competitiveness of the territory and transform it into an engine of economic development for Colombia, integrating strategic projects with the intelligent use of digital technologies.

Through the concept of the 'Diamond', a strategic and knowledge alliance was formed between Microsoft Corp. and Fundación Metrópoli. Fundación Metrópoli is an international innovation center on cities, and world leader in the philosophy of intelligent territories and the new scale of cities. Both entities have developed a global alliance (Next Cities Lab) to accelerate competitiveness and economic growt of cities by combining three key concepts: intelligent territories, the digital revolution and the new scale of cities.

The Digital Diamond includes 10 departments and 11 major cities, with population over 14 million. This emerging region in Colombia hosts almost 30% of the country population within 15% of the national territory. It is an area with significant low levels of development compared to the rest of Colombia. It contributes 25% of Colombia's GDP and its per capita income is 20% lower than the national average. The Digital Diamond takes on a multidimensional approach.

The "urban and territorial dimension" focuses on identifying strategic projects that are proving key to improving competitiveness, promoting sustainable development and alleviate poverty. In the "digital dimension," one of the essential elements for the implementation and development of this project is Microsoft's DEEP program (Digital Economy and Educational Platform) which allows for the acceleration and dissemination of digital culture through training programs and free software provision to start-ups, universities and non-profit organizations.

This program is helping governments and social organizations to better visualize their future projects, encourage greater participation and transparency, optimize processes and supply of services to citizens, encourage dialogue with the private sector and accelerate innovation and economic development.

The Digital Diamond is an initiative inspired by the philosophy of Intelligent Territories, which considers the integrated components of both the urban and territorial dimension and the technological dimension.



Findeter, The Digital Diamond.
Bogotá, Colombia


• New regional consensus though a future vision.
• Enabling strategic projects by integrating digital and physical components.
• Collaborative environments on polycentric territories within the Cloud network.
• Innovation Ecosystem in emerging cities.
• Providing free digital solutions (Microsoft DEEP).


• Selection of strategic projects based on level of investments by Findeter.
• Co-leadership of the National Government (Findeter) and Governors.
• Support of Municipalities, Employers, universities and civil society.
• Internationally oriented investment projects and public-private partnerships.

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