Citizen Canvas

What is Citizen Canvas?

In this demo learn how to apply Citizen canvas - A collaborative change and data-mapping tool for stakeholder teams involved in the definition of smart cities to arrive at a common vision for what a smarter city could be with people at the core of its design.

Why bother? Is it needed? What are the benefits?

Most smart cities fail due to siloed thinking, lack of co-ordination between city departments, service providers and absence of citizen participation. CitizenCanvas aims to improve stakeholder collaboration by visualising, analyzing and mapping together new smart city services following a citizen centric design approach.

How does it work?

Citizen canvas works by making visible the complex connections and interdependencies between different stakeholders across applications, services and smart city infrastructure layers to inform the underlying smart city service and system data model. It helps teams to rapidly sketch and throwaway various propositions by stress-testing it against the canvas framework, de-risking investment and opportunity cost by sharing the same vocabulary and arriving at a common vision faster, saving time and money on smart city projects.

Where has it been used?

Citizen Canvas has been trialed in London, Hamburg and Sheffield for smart city initiatives.

How much does it cost? How can I apply it on a smart city project? Where do I learn more?

Citizen Canvas paper version is free. We work together with your smart city team/project to run a citizen canvas workshop. A web version is being developed. Sign up to www.citizencanvas.org. Also try www.changify.org a crowd-sourced mobile web platform for increasing citizen engagement. Take photos on your phone of things you'd like change or suggest ideas make your neighbourhood /city better. Get local biz backing and community support online/offline to action it.