Call for Solutions. The Winners

The selected projects for 2017

This year's outstanding winners of the Call for Solutions were chosen for their cutting-edge ideas,
feasibility and the potential to really change the lives of citizens.
These initiatives will be on display in The Village.

Ateknea Solutions

Ateknea Solutions. Mapping cities'
air quality in high resolution
  • Ateknea Solutions Europe SL
  • Cornellà de Llobregat - Barcelona - Spain

The platform permits, for the first time, to map air pollution in cities on a scale previously unimaginable based on a large deployment of outstandingly accurate gas sensors by using an advanced post-processing algorithm. It allows making smart and better decisions to mitigate air pollution.

Air pollution is a major problem for public health, which is only expected to get worse. Outdoor air pollution kills 3.3 million people every year. That's more than HIV, malaria and influenza combined and it costs approximately 2% of GDP in developed countries and 5% in developing countries.

Ateknea Solutions is a leading European engineering company with extensive experience providing services to companies to transform their ideas and innovation projects into market solutions. The company's daily business and activity is shown here:

Ateknea has developed, for the first time, affordable, reliable air quality sensors, together with temperature, relative humidity and noise measurements. Our added value is that we apply machine learning techniques in order to significantly increase the accuracy of the sensors.

Part of their development was executed under CITI-SENSE with a 4-year project budget of €12M and 28 partners, where Ateknea developed one technical platform to correlate quality life in urban scenarios. The project,, finished in September 2016 and conducted 8 successful pilot studies using 86 node prototypes in 8 cities by means of volunteer citizens. Please see: and

The Ateknea technology is now being tested in several cities in Catalonia as well as in New York, and it has been sold to several clients such as German and Belgian universities.


. A sustainable solution for perishable products delivery under controlled temperature system

  • FrigiKern

  • In progress
  • Villanueva del Pardillo - Madrid - Spain

We present the unique multitemperature locker on the market, modular and remote control in real time. Our solution includes the integration of the locker with the logistics hub and electric vehicles. In addition, we provide other solutions to improve efficiency in the distribution of e-commerce.

Currently, the distribution of e-commerce purchases is creating serious traffic problems and increasing pollution in large cities. In addition, it's a hindrance for creating restricted traffic green areas in the city center.

FrigiKern combines an electric capillary transport (or by bicycle) with a deposit and collection service in refrigerated lockers located at points of convenience, with the following positive effects:

- Grouping of several deliveries in one destination, with the corresponding reduction of CO2 emissions.

- Freedom for citizens to choose when and where to collect purchases, freeing them from waiting at home (biggest barrier of e-commerce).

- Greater distribution capillarity for supermarkets with minimal investment: in rural and urban environments. Physical presence without shop opening or after closing.

- Redundant systems that guarantee the complete maintenance of the cold chain until collection.

- Eliminates the problem of reverse logistics in perishable products, by guaranteeing 100% of the last mile deliveries.

- It allows the creation of green areas without limiting services 

- We also present solutions for reducing the volume of packages of dry products, adapting each box to the purchase's volume.

Lockers are placed at points of convenience (for high public influx, easy access, etc.) such as petrol stations, bus and train stations, etc.
 These lockers are connected to the supermarket's hub by electric vehicles equipped with a refrigerated deposit.
 In addition, they are adaptable and modular, allowing the addition or removal of columns depending on the needs and mix of the products.

The FrigiKern solution brings added value in multiple terms:

- Enables the night distribution model.

- Traffic reduction.

- Increased logistics efficiency and consequent cost reduction.

Unique solutions, supported by current European utility models, owned by FRIGIKERN.


Nimb. The smart ring with
an emergency alert platform

Nimb has developed a solution to send an alert signal to your pre-selected contacts via a ring with a panic button and an application on a smartphone. Nimb is also an online security platform that creates safer environments and connects people to all parties in the security sector.

Making cities a safer place with a simple solution that calls for help in case of emergency.
Nimb's first product is the ring with a panic button to send emergency alerts to a pre-set list of contacts including friends and relatives, emergency services, members of the Nimb community nearby or even unmanned robotic vehicles such as flying or ground drones in the near future.

This is the only device you can use to call for help in emergencies even if both of your hands are held. Press the button, hold it for three seconds — the ring will vibrate giving you feedback. After thirty seconds the alert is active, messages with your GPS location and your profile details are sent to the contacts you've set. Nimb app allows all the notified groups to communicate and coordinate around the world.

Nimb saves and improves response times: The Federal Communications Commission estimates the lives that could be saved by a one-minute reduction in emergency response times as 10,000.

Through our app and wearable devices, we also want to create a Community of Nimb members around the world who will be able to provide emergency help much faster and cheaper than ever before.
To emerge as the most efficient platform for emergency alerts, Nimb needs to form partnerships with state and local emergency services. In realizing these relationships, Nimb will naturally be integrated in public life and revolutionize safety in the urban environment.


Numina. A Computer vision solution to measure multimodal street traffic & enable urban automation

Numina is a sensing and data platform comprised of easily deployable, cloud-connected sensors that mount to light poles and use computer vision to measure the paths and behaviors of people and objects (pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, wheelchairs, etc.) in the public right-of-way.

Numina uses pattern recognition to automatically detect, distinguish, and trace paths of objects in real time. Numina sensors are purpose-built for outdoor civic applications and can be used for both temporary and permanent measurements, delivering not only counts, but also additional insights like objects' speeds, and proximity, as well as near misses.

The sensor performs the majority of its processing onboard the device itself, extracting only a few key features. The resulting data is real-time and anonymous. Numina does not collect personally identifiable information and is committed to providing Intelligence Without Surveillance. The system uses 4G / LTE cellular networks to transmit its measurements and can use the same transmission method to deploy new algorithms and updates on-demand.

Numina offers a comprehensive, accurate, and affordable means to measure mobility trends in cities, which can help city planners design better streets by determining safety, congestion and intervention impact for example.

These benefits are urgently needed. Low walkability and bikeability threatens millions of pedestrians and cyclists worldwide with fatal accidents and bad health from low physical activity rates.

Additionally, the real-time nature of Numina data makes it possible to trigger city services where and when needed. City departments will be able to identify anomalies and automatically deploy maintenance or emergency services. Our data likewise enables enterprises across markets to optimize products and services that work in the public right-of-way. Ultimately, Numina makes cities more responsive.

Teimas Desenvolvemento

Tropa Verde.
Now recycling is rewarded!
  • Teimas Desenvolvemento, S.L.
  • Santiago - A Coruña - Spain

Tropa Verde was born with the main goal of encouraging environmentally responsible behaviours on the society using gaming-based web platform, providing information to children and adults, and rewarding citizens who are engaged in recycling.

In the current context of unsustainable consumption of resources, Tropa Verde was born, aiming to achieve the goal of creating more sustainable cities by optimizing the management of waste. A survey carried out in April of 2015 showed that 36.6% of the citizens of Compostela, who acknowledged not recycling, confessed that it was due to lack of habit.

This lack of environmental motivation and of information damages the beginning of the recycling chain, promoting low recycling rates and increasing the costs of waste management, all negatively impacting on environmental quality.
Tropa Verde is a multimedia platform that tackles this by rewarding good environmental practices to citizens.

Using a game-based web platform in, citizens can change recycling points, when they dispose of their waste, to rewards from the City Council and local retailers.

Tropa Verde began in Santiago de Compostela, but it has now been adopted in more than 6 cities in Galicia.
With the collaboration of 8 different City Councils and 350 local retailers and food establishments, the Tropa Verde is currently joined by 3,100 committed citizens who have done 27,000 recycling actions, getting 1,500 rewards from local businesses.


Why participate?

Smart City Expo World Congress enables governments and inter-governmental organizations to support local economies , local SMEs and strengthen country or city branding. Take advantage of the opportunity to present smart city projects to attract investment and open avenues in finding partners for PPPs or solution providers.
The event also gives the perfect chance to exchange experiences and best practices with cities from around the world.

Types of Participants

  • Local Government Regional Government State Government National Government
  • Public Administration Government Agency Inter-governmental Organization International Financial Institution (bilateral or multilateral)
  • International Organization Supranational Organization Network of Cities


Why participate?

There are a wealth of benefits for institutions and entities including promoting investment programs and presenting successful stories of funded projects to a global audience. The Smart City Expo World Congress also enables the development of membership bases and provides the ideal context to nurture relationships with other key organizations.

Types of Participants

  • Public Institution Private Institution Non-profit Institution Local Institution Regional Institution National Institution
  • Agency Foundation Association Cooperative Non-governmental Organization Consortium
  • Professional Organization Civic Organization Organized Civil Society Innovator Maker


Why participate?

The three-day event is the perfect arena to share knowledge with each other. It provides unlimited possibilities to explore funding opportunities, promote spin-offs for scale up or acceleration and also acquire state-of-the-art information about the latest industry trends and developments.

Types of Participants

  • University Department School, Department, Sub-department, Faculty, Sub-Faculty, Institute, Centre Research Centre
  • Research Companies Think Tank Academic Staff
  • Expert Student


Why participate?

As the leading event for cities, Smart City Expo World Congress makes global companies part of the smart city agenda, providing an international stage on which to strengthen thought-leadership positioning, present the latest innovations to achieve more sustainable cities, and showcase smart city solutions, products or services. It also provides the perfect conditions to generate valuable leads and broaden networks as well as attract international talent.

Types of Participants

  • Large Company Global or Regional Headquarter of a Multinational
  • Local Branch of a Multinational International Firm (Consulting, Banking, Telecommunications, Energy, Financial, Legal Sectors, etc.)
  • Investment Bank International Investor


Why participate?

SMEs and Local can take advantage of the leading event for cities to develop business with potential clients and suppliers, find business partnerships and also benchmark against competitors in international markets.
It is the perfect meeting point to learn about new business models, products, services and/or competitors in the market and offers unlimited networking possibilities.

Types of Participants

  • Micro, Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise Local organization Focused Mostly on Domestic Market
  • Local organization Focused Mostly on International Market Local Business
  • Local Firm (Consulting, Engineering, Legal, Architecture, etc.) Independent Consultant


Why participate?

Startups and entrepreneurs are a key point for Smart City Expo World Congress and can take advantage of specially tailored participation packages. You can engage with leading global companies to develop joint-solutions and explore infinite opportunities to find investment. As a particular point of interest for innovation, there is also ample opportunity to gain notoriety by promoting products and or services.

Types of Participants

  • Start-up Company Start-up Accelerator Business Incubator
  • Early-stage Company Entrepreneur Business Expert
  • Scientist / Inventor Investor


Why participate?

Smart City Expo World Congress provides a non-stop , three day narrative into the development of smart cities. Discover the most innovative products, solutions and services from the smart city sector. Engage, connect and discuss with international thought leaders and key players and explore the latest innovations in the implementation of smart solutions from cities around the world.

Types of Participants

  • Media Professional International Press Local Press Global Magazine
  • Local Magazine Technical Publication Online Publisher Independent Journalism
  • Culture-based Organizations Artistic Research Arts-based innovation

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