Call for Solutions Winners

The winners were selected for their inspired, impactful and innovative smart city solutions. Their cutting-edge initiatives and projects will be showcased in real-time at the core of the event, in the Smart City Plaza.

  • Circle Economy

    Circle City Scan.
    The Circle City Scan is a visual roadmap that identifies opportunities to foster a circular economy and aids in the creation of practical and scalable solutions to implement circular systems throughout a city.

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    Enabling the Internet Of Public Things.
    Connecthings's network of contactless beacons fosters an open, innovative ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders: cities, citizens, startups, brands etc.

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  • OpenSeneca

    Civiciti: an app for continuous democracy and citizens' engagemen.
    Suite of cloud-based citizen engagement and participation tools enabling multidirectional participation, consultation and deliberation.

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  • TransformCity

    Online participatory urban planning dashboard.
    Citizens, businesses, organizations and the government directly exchange information and ideas and collectively plan, change and own their neighbourhood.

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    Smart Biking.
    Vadecity creates the product Vadebike and the service Smart Biking, a solution to provide safe parking, increase the use of bicycles as transportation and creates order to parking in urban environments.

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