World Smart City Awards 2016

The winners of the 2016 World Smart City Awards

After an unprecedented number of entries this year, the winners have been selected for their cutting-edge initiatives that resolve urban challenges and benefit cities and their citizens.

The winners were announced on November 16th in a ceremony that attracted an audience of more than 1,000 key public and private decision makers, )providing an excellent opportunity to gain prestige and visibility).


New York City's Strategy for Building a Smart + Equitable City

New York – USA

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Aspern Smart City Research: Integrated Energy Research for the future

Aspern Smart City Research Gmbh&co KG

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Transforming healthcare through hospital and clinic digitization and telemedicine

Microclinic Technologies
Nairobi - KENYA

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The Smart City Expo World Congress organization has the pleasure to grant a special recognition to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of People´s Republic of China, which provides housing and regulates the state construction activities in the country, for its efforts in leading the process of transformation in China towards more sustainable cities.

The World Smart City Awards finalists!

The high level of entries from more than 40 countries around the world was phenomenal and made sure the judges didn't have an easy task in choosing the winners.

The following are the finalists for each of the 3 categories for the World Smart City Awards 2016.

Innovative Global South Award Finalists

The new award this year looks at innovative ideas that address pressing global challenges located in the Global South (Asia, Africa and Latin America).

#3de3: citizens holding governments accountable

Transparencia Mexicana. Mexico City - MEXICO

#3de3 (Three out of three) is an initiative that allows citizens to demand candidates and public servants to voluntarily disclose their assets, interests and proof of tax payments. Citizens have set up a new transparency and accountability practice for governments in Mexico.

Kabadiwalla Connect

Kabadiwalla Connect. Chennai – INDIA

Kabadiwalla Connect is an award winning urban waste management solutions provider in Chennai, India. Through technology, we leverage the circuits of the existing informal waste ecosystem to help send less recyclable waste to the landfill.

Nova Friburgo City as a Platform. A "Citizens First" project towards a better and resilient city

VM9. Nova Friburgo - BRAZIL

This proposal aims to show how people-public-private-scientific partnerships have been delivering clever services to citizens of Nova Friburgo-RJ (Brazil) while turning the city more efficient and resilient, in line of Smart City concept, after being in the centre of a huge natural disaster.

Smart City Bhubaneswar: Achieving Social Equity through New Urbanism in Action

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. Bhubaneswar- INDIA

Bhubaneswar's Smart City proposal focuses on developing a model for achieving social equity by placing children at the center of its transformation building upon the New Urban Agenda's three-legged approach- local fiscal systems, urban planning, and basic services and infrastructure.

Transforming healthcare through hospital and clinic digitization and telemedicine

MicroClinic Technologies. Nairobi- KENYA

We are providing a digital health system (HIS) and enabling remote consultations and doctor training through video conferencing. We address the poor quality of care, the lack of health experts, large distances citizens travel to get care, and inefficiency in collecting health data.

ZENATA - Human-scale for a new eco and smart city in Morocco. An innovative model for Africa

Socièté d'aménagement Zenata (SAZ). Mohammedia – MOROCCO

Development of a new city with a human scale based on eco and smart city models through innovation and sustainable development. A project for the region and the country for the benefit of both present and future generations and aiming to become a reference for the entire African continent.

Project Award Finalists

The award for projects that are already being implemented, and are benefitting inhabitants in a specific smart city area.

Aspern Smart City Research: Integrated Energy Research for the future

Aspern Smart City Research Gmbh&Co KG. Wien – AUSTRIA

The Aspern Smart City Research testbed focused on energy, implementing an integrative system optimization in the domains of smart buidings, smart grids and smart ICT.

Demand Responsive Transit: The way to a car-free city

Door2Door GmbH. Berlin – GERMANY

Allygator shuttle is a public transport solution which, through data analysis and dynamic routing, can ensure that rides operate at capacity. This solution enables transport authorities to provide passengers with a personalized transport experience without the traditional transit expenditure.

Extending Quality Medical Resources to Everyone with Henan Provincial Telemedicine System

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (FAHZU). Zhengzhou – CHINA

The project provides an open telemedicine service platform and a "Province-City-County-Town-Village" five-level telemedicine service system. It connects to telemedicine systems of the United States, Russia, and some African countries to form the world's largest telemedicine network.

Medellin River Parks urban planning project

Corporación Amigos Parques del Río Medelín. Medellín – COLOMBIA

The project is a mean to plan the city through urban redevelopment, environmental restoration and social fabric construction. Bringing back the river to the citizens as the main structure of the urban ecosystem, optimizing its role as central corridor for mobility and creating quality public spaces.

Smart Shenyang unified platform Project

Shenyang Big Data Administration. Shenyang – CHINA

As core foundation for constructing the project, the platform is aimed at integrating a city's data, making the data open access and serving every walk of life in the city, to enable traditional industries to steadily develop towards the Internet+ era and support the emerging industries development.

Snow Sidekick - Mobile App to Help Citizens with Snow Removal in Montreal

Sidekick Interactive. Montreal – CANADA

Snow Sidekick is a mobile app which showcases real-time snow-removal data. In Montreal, we connect in real time to the city's open data and displays the status of snow loading.

City Award Finalists

Awarding Cities that demonstrate strategies, initiatives and policies that are established and have been developed for their citizens.

Сity as a service platform: new concept of public services for 12.5 mln citizens

Moscow City Government. Moscow – RUSSIA

Moscow Government has implemented a centralized system of management and delivery of public services. It covers all spheres of city life, from utilities and housing to healthcare, education and safety, delivering to citizens 200 types of services online and via mobile.

Municipality of Hollands Kroon revolutionizes municipal work with a 100 percent cloud transformation

Hollands Kroon. Hollands Kroon - NETHERLANDS

Employees of HK all say they would never be able to work at another municipality again. Because at one of the most progressive municipalities in the Netherlands there are no managers, no tools to record working hours nor vacation days. Working at Hollands Kroon is almost like being an entrepreneur.

New York City's Strategy for Building a Smart + Equitable City

Mayor's Office of Tech + Innovation. New York – UNITED STATES

NYC leverages smart technologies to achieve the goals set forth in Mayor de Blasio's ambitious One NYC plan. The Smart + Equitable City strategy has 4 tiers: expanding connectivity for all, piloting and scaling smart technologies, growing the innovation economy, and ensuring responsible deployments.

Reimagining Pune to become India's most livable city

Pune Municipal Corporation. Pune – INDIA

Detailed city profile of Pune and largest ever citizen engagement in India formed the basis of the proposal. Pan city solutions were developedfor maximum impact and local area solutions were designed for replicability. Puneranked 2nd in India's Smart Cities Challenge to winfunding of Rs. 1000 crs.

Seoul, the Global Digital Capital and City of Digital Social Innovation

Seoul Metropolitan Government. Seoul – REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Seoul is a city of Digital Social Innovation, which empowers its citizens to come up with solutions to urban problems by making data publically available. Based on strong public-private-people partnership, Seoul transforms citizens' suggestions into data and uses it to make effective policies.

Smart Tourism Leads Smart City Construction and Promotes Silk Road Tourism Development

Dunhuang Smart Tourism Company. Jiuquan – CHINA

In Dunhuang, service capability and city governance are insufficient for peak seasons. Therefore, Smart Tourism in desert areas is constructed to improve service quality in peak seasons and attract more tourists in off seasons, promoting city governance and sustainable economic growth.

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