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SCEWC aims to define what smart cities are, what their challenges include and examine which solutions and responses are most relevant. Glance through what occurred in past editions until nowadays

SCEWC 2017

Empower Cities. Empower People

The 7th edition of Smart City Expo World Congress, together with the premiere Smart Mobility World Congress was a huge hit, with over 18,754 visitors, 675 exhibitors and 420 speakers. More than 700 cities participated in the event, making it the biggest gathering of public authorities and the world's leading event on urban development.


SCEWC 2016

Smart City Expo World Congress is once again the world's leading event
for Smart cities

The 6th edition of Smart City Expo World Congress was its most successful to date with over 16,688 visitors, 591 exhibitors and 420 speakers with presence from 600 cities coming together to debate, share visions and showcase solutions for the development of our cities.
See everything that happened at the 2016 edition.


SCEWC 2015

Join the urban innovation

The 2015 edition enjoyed resounding success for the fifth year running. A total of 14,288 Attendees, 485 Exhibitors and 421 Speakers from 568 Cities around the globe shared knowledge and presented innovative projects on how to create efficient, sustainable and livable cities.


SCEWC 2014

Change the world

The 2014 edition proved a phenomenal success with 10,838 visitors, 3,661 delegates, 275 exhibitors and 370 speakers coming from 92 countries and 440 cities to share the latest thinking on current and future issues related to urban growth.


SCEWC 2013

Smart Cities change the world

The third edition of Smart City Expo World Congress brought together more than 9,000 participants from 300 cities on the five continents, over 3,000 congress delegates and 160 companies, with a common purpose: to make the world a better place to live.


SCEWC 2012

Smart thinking solutions

Companies showcased how technology can improve people's quality of life. Innovations linked to environmental improvement, transportation, urban planning, communications, citizen participation and using energy in a more efficient way.


SCEWC 2011

Smart society for innovative and sustainable cities

In just one edition, SCEWC became the world's leading event on the shaping of the future of cities. The show brought together 6,160 visitors from over 50 different countries and gathered representatives from 100 cities of the five continents.


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