World Smart City Awards 2017

World Smart City Awards 2017

The World Smart City Awards seek to reward pioneering projects, ideas and strategies that promote sustainable urban development around the globe. The unprecedented number of proposals received this year, 309 entries from 58 countries around the world, make it one of the biggest yet.

Discover all the categories and finalists for this inspiring edition.

Awards categories

This year there are 7 categories of awards covering some of the key smart city issues.


The award for concepts that contributes to the successful transformation of our cities in order to achieve sustainable integrated development, that are in any stage of development and that are particularly remarkable for their innovative approach.


The award for the most innovative and successful projects that are already being implemented, and developed in the mobility field.


The award for the most innovative and successful projects that are already being implemented, and developed in any specific urban development area.


The award for the most innovative and successful projects that are already being implemented, and developed in the data & technology field.


The award for the most innovative and successful projects that are already being implemented, and developed in the circular economy field.


Awarding Cities that demonstrate strategies, initiatives and policies that are established and have been developed for their citizens.


The award for the most innovative and successful projects that are already being implemented, and developed in the safe cities field.

The World Smart City Awards finalists!

The entries for this edition have come from more than 58 countries worldwide and have been of an exceptionally high standard.

Chiang Rai City: Inclusive Urban Development for Informal Workers

Home Net Thailand – Bangkok (Thailand)

Strategy aiming to organize and strengthen membership-based organizations of informal workers and ensuring their integration in urban planning and local economic development. The project also involves supporting statutory representation of informal workers and the creation of laws to protect their rights.

Exploring Smart Zhengding by Innovative Tourism Project

Zhengding County Government – Zhengding (China)

This large data cloud platform developed by Zhengding gathers comprehensive services offered to tourists, firms and the urban tourism management department. The objective of the project is to cover all aspects of tourism in one platform in order to improve tourists' experience.

Growsmarter: Transforming Cities for a Smart, Sustainable Europe

City of Stockholm – Stockholm (Sweden)

GrowSmarter project consists in the implementation of 12 integrated smart solutions' in Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona concerning smart management system for energy, integrated infrastructure for ICT (street lighting, smart grids district heating and smarter waste handling) and sustainable mobility.

Lyon Métropole's Ambitious Smart City Strategy to Respond to New Urban Challenges

Lyon Métropole – Lyon (France)

Strategy focused on the provision of alternatives to individual cars through data and technology; the use of Smart Grids to leverage the energy transition, the implementation of innovative digital services in the education and the healthcare and the promotion of citizen participation and innovation.

Royal Comission Smart City Project

The Royal Commission for Yanbu (RCY)- Yanbu (Saudi Arabia)

This Smart City project aiming to improve citizens' quality of life involves deploying a new fibre network, building a Smart lighting control system, improving the mobility system, creating a big data platform, and developing an Integrated Communication Platform (ICP).

To make street light connected as a neural network of Smart City

Taipei Smart City Project Management Office- Taipei (Taiwan)

U-SmartCity platform aims to connect the street light infrastructure to collect big data and video streaming creating a new open interface for city managers, service providers and application developers. This project aims to reduce congestion and will be extended to all the city of Taipei.

Cyclespex: Enabling a Shift Towards Customer Oriented Smart Cycling Policy

NHTV – Breda (Netherlands)

Cyclespex is a virtual reality (VR) cycling simulator developed to enable researchers and policy makers to shape and test a diversity of design solutions ex-ante in a safe and controlled setting with all stakeholders and end-users before taking the definite investment decision.

Food Care Program

Buenos Aires City – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

This Food Care Program launched by the Buenos Aires City Government aims to implement a sustainable food policy. The project pretends to raise community awareness on food waste and change food consumption patterns implementing recycling initiatives and providing training in schools.

Innovative Smart Weifang Improves Social Wellbeing

Weifang Smart City Development Office – Weifang (China)

This Smart City project aims to improve residents' living experience and improving city governance and public services through the implementation of new technology like WeiV, VPai ,NB-IoT, Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet. – Helping Government Innovators Make Cities Smarter – Chicago (United States of America) is a platform allowing public sector innovators to find, research and implement new technological solution. The platform focuses on city needs and outcomes, recommending relevant products, solutions and case studies implemented in other cities.

Smart Dublin: the Small Enough Yet Big Enough Smart City Test Bed

Smart Dublin – Dublin (Ireland)

This project aims to gather local authorities with smart technology providers and researchers to solve city challenges and improve city life. Dublin is an exceptional spot as it has a strong ecosystem of world leading tech companies, excellent research clusters and an ideal size to make pilot tests.

Towards the Amsterdam Circular Economy

City of Amsterdam- Amsterdam ( Netherlands)

Amsterdam is developing a circular economy policy at the city level integrating different fields: local production of sustainable and seasonal food, local production of electricity, reduction of the use of full and improvement of the recycling chain waste cycle.

Dubai Blockchain Initiative: The First Smart City on the Blockchain

Dubai Smart Office – Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

This project aims to adopt Blockchain Technology at the Dubai city scale therefore leading global thinking on this topic. It involves implementing blockchain technology in applicable government services and supporting the creation of a blockchain industry empowering start-ups and businesses.

Fukuoka City's Hydrogen Leader City' Project

Fukuoka City Government – Fukuoka (Japan)

Fukoka developed an innovative solution to produce H2 from sewage biogas and reduce the urban carbon footprint. Sewage biogas collected daily at sewage treatment centres is transformed in an urban resource, enabling a stable supply of hydrogen.

IoT Encryption and IoT Device Authentication Solution from Edge Devices to Smart City Applications

CIOT – Busan (South Korea)

The objective of this project is to create a secure channel and IoT device authentication to protect data in the operational smart city ambit. This module provides integrated device authentication and access control through lightweight IoT certificates.

Microgrid Solar Plant Help Cameroon To Improve the Livelihood and Boost the Economic Develoment

Ministry of Water Resources and Energy of the Republic of Cameroon – Yaounde (Cameroon)

This project consists in building off-grid solar plant in rural communities in Cameroon. It involves the achievement of rural electrification driving the development of local industries and education, medical treatment, communications and manufacturing.

Smart H2O: A Digital Transformation into a Utility of the Future

City of Atalanta's Department of Watershed Management – Atlanta (United States of America)

Smart H2O Analytics platform collects, communicates, and crunches data to improve the decision-making process and the service delivery and to reduce the risk of data loss. The project applies the latest techniques in data analytics to real-time asset data to notify and eventually predict spills.

Easy Urban Mobility: Towards the Digital World

SEAT – Barcelona (Spain)

This is a new mobility concept that puts shared and connected mobility services at its core. It incorporates the scope of car sharing and the possibilities afforded by the sharing economy, while aligning with the undergoing digital transformation process.

Global-First All-Scenario Intelligent Transportation Solutions Helps Building "Traffic Brain" for Cities

Shenzhen Traffic Police- Shenzhen (China)

This project uses a Big Data Platform, One Data Resource Pool and One Deep Learning system identifying all data to reduce traffic congestions and accidents and improve public safety. This platform allows traffic control, gathers data and enhances data usage by 200% increasing road capacity by 8%.

Jaipur City: Transforming a Heritage City into World Class Smart & Connected City

Jaipur Development Authority – Jaipur (India)

This project aims at transforming Jaipur into a smart hub. The strategy consists in ensuring 24/7 surveillance and facilitate on-line access to wide-ranging information about the city, its culture, historic locations, utility centres and e-Governance formalities.

Pavnext: the Safer, Smarter and Sustainable Road Pavement Device

Pavnext – Coimbra (Portugal)

Pavnext is an equipment set up in the road pavement surface of speed reduction areas reducing vehicle's speed by extracting kinetic energy from vehicles. The extracted energy is converted into electrical energy and can be stored and used locally in electrical applications improving traffic monitoring.

Smart Wuhan IoT and Big Data Reality

ZTE Corporation – Shenzen (China)

This project consists in building a unified wireless government service network providing secure and reliable broadband and a dedicated wireless data transmission channel. It also involves building an Urban Big Data, a Wuhan on the Cloud platform and Smart industrial Applications in the mobility sector.

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